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Blake was born  on Monday July 20, 1987around 3:00 in the afternoon. His parents told his two sisters that he was a girl because they knew how much they wanted a little brother. After hearing the disappointement in his sisters voices they finally told them that they had a baby brother. He was the cutest little bald headed little boy.
Blake started Kindergarten at Banks Primary school.
May 2001
Blake finished his last school year at Banks Middle
School. Little did we know that this would be the last school year he would complete.
August 2001
Blake started High School at Pike County High. By this time he really hated school, but he made the best of it while he took an art class which was one of his greatest pass times other than being on the computer.
October 5, 2001
Blake went to school for the last time. He made his last work of art that day at school and once he got home he started to work on his very last thing.
Sunday Oct. 7, 2001
Our family ate lunch together for the very last time as a complete family. It was one of the best times we have all had together. Jensen stayed with Blake and my parents that afternoon while I went to work with Steve. That night when I saw him I gave him a big hug..little did I know that would be the last time I would talk to him. I told him he was one handsome young man.
Monday Oct. 8, 2001
Blake was out of school for a week long break and he was home alone. While at home he decided he wanted to drive our father's truck which he knew was wrong, but he did it any way. While driving he lost control and from there that is all we really know. We lost him instantly around 2:00 p.m.
May 2002

Blake's family was invited to attend Pike County High's award ceremony. Mrs. Sylvia Helm's honored
Blake's memory by presenting his family with a certificate for his participation in her art class.

That same month our family gave a scholarship in Blake's memory to a senior at Pike County High.

May 2003
Blake's family was invited to Banks Middle School's Honors day where they remembered Blake and Johnny Brown. Both who had passed away. While at the program Mrs. Karen Smith gave our family a picture Blake had drawn of himself while in her 3rd grade class. Blake and Johnny's names were placed on a plaque that hangs on the school wall. The plaque is to remember students who attended the school, but passed away at an early age.
Relay for Life 2003
Blake's family donated money in his memory to the Pike County Relay for Life team. His name was placed on all of the T-shirts that team members have. They announced his name the night of Relay.
April 16, 2005
We will hold a party in Blake's  memory. I am hoping that this will be a day for all of our family members and friends to remember Blake. Even though he is no longer here with us, he will always be a part of our lives. We hope that others will understand this and help us celebrate this sad, but joyous day!
April 16th @ 4:30 p.m.
We had the best party in memory of Blake...we had 35 people here to celebrate his life! He had family and friends to bring pictures and memories to share with all of us.During the party everyone was able to watch a slide show with different pictures of Blake. Before the evening ended we released 14 balloons in honor of the 14 years we had with Blake here on Earth. It is a day that we will treasure forever. Thanks to everyone that participated!
May 2005
May 20, 2005 - The class of 2005 at PCHS will be holding Class Day services.

During the Class Day Blake's name was mentioned when they introduced all of the seniors and they had a chair set to the side in memory of him. I hope all involved know how much it meant to all of us. We just want to know that he is not forgotten!

May 27, 2005- The night all children wait for....Blake's class will be graduating from High School. Best of luck to each and every one of them. Please be safe!
Sunday, May 22, 2005
In today's Troy Messenger Mrs. Jaine Treadwell had an article in the Life Section about our Blake and Blake Rountree. It was a very good article detailing what the boys enjoyed doing during their life and how much we all miss them and want them to be remembered!
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"And If I Go, While You're Still Here"
Know that I live on,
vibrating to a different measure
-behind a thin veil you can not see through.

You will not see me
so you must have faith.

I wait the time when we can soar together again,
-both aware of each other.

Until then, live your life to its fullest
and when you need me,
just whisper my name in your heart,
...I will be there."

Author Unknown
July 23, 2005
On this day, you received a friend to be with you and all of the other angels. Adam Helms has now become a sweet angel.  I hope you two young men keep a close watch over the rest of us!
November 22, 2005
My little Abigail told us she was talking to Uncle Blake. Out of the blue she started talking about Uncle Blake. She was studdering so bad she could not get it all out! She did tell us that he hid her cuppy! The day before she had misplaced her cup at Mrs. Betty's and she could not find it. It took two days before it was found! I do believe she was communicating with Blake, because no one had even said one word about him that day! Just an example of a small gift from above! By the way did I mention she only knows him through pictures! :)
December 15, 2007
Steve, Jensen, Abigail, and I are going to present several stuff animals to the Troy Police Department in memory of Blake. The toys will be used for children who are either in automobile accidents or who the officers encounter due to domestic violence situations or other reasons. This will be an on going project that we will give to in memory of Blake.
November 2008
Blake was a featured teen on a "It Won't Happen to Me" video that was presented at PLA! It was such an honor to have him featured with so many other teens that have died due to car crashes! We are sad that we don't have him here with us but at least he may help educate other teens about the dangers of driving!
Oct. 10, 2009

It Won't Happen to Me held their annual Drive for Life in Atlanta and Blake was represented with many other teens that have lost their lives due to car crashes!

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