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Stuff animals to help ease the pain  
Beginning in December 07 we will donate stuff animals to the Troy Police department to be used for young children in accidents or crisis situations. If anyone would like to help with this project they may do so by getting any type of stuff animal and giving it to one of us so we may put the appropriate information with it before donating to the police station! This will be an on going project that we will be working on to help our community. Thanks for any and all support we receive!
wonderful quote  
It is said when your parents die, you lose your past;
when your spouse dies, you lose your present;
and when your child dies, you lose your future.
However, when your sibling dies, you lose your past, your present and your future. After all, the relationship between siblings is potentially the longest of their lives.

Author unknown

Happy Fourth of July! And thanks for the heavenly message you sent to me while I was baking tonight! Love you "Bubba"
Life after Death  

Since Blake's death, I have tried to educate everyone that I come in contact with how important it is to remember someone's deceased love one. No matter how old or young they were when they passed away I think we all want people to talk about them and share the memories they have of our love ones. I hope that since Oct. of 2001 I have got that message across to at least one person. If I have done that Blake's legacy will continue to live on by helping others who have lost love ones.

Cute adorable smile!  
Blake had a wonderful smile that would make you forgive any bad that he had done. My nephew Geoffery Blake is just like his uncle Blake.He will give you a killer smile that will make you think he can never do any wrong. Even though Blake and Geoffery never met they are both handsome boys!
Active child that he was!  
Blake could never sit still. He had to always be up doing something. Since his death he has had two neices that he never had the chance to meet. They both are just like him in the way that they must always be doing somthing. Laken nor Abigail can sit still! Their Uncle Blake lives on in them!
Love for Computers  
Blake had started helping me  create a webpage for my family because at the age of 13 he knew more about computers than  I did. I never had the patience to sit still and listen to what to do. He tried to get me to do the page, but I was too stubborn. Three and half years after his death I have started this webpage for him and hope to add more and more to it as time allows. I promised myself I would create a page for him one day and with the help of this wonderful site I have been able to slowly do just that. I love my Bubba dearly and will miss him forever!
Blake and his love for art!  
Blake really loved to draw and make things. He created many drawings.Since his death we have seen that his love for art has been continued in his oldest neice, Jensen. She is now carrying on the tradition of drawing and creating things with whatever she can get her hands on. His love for art still lives on each and every day through her.

On May 7, 2005 Jensen started an art class with Judy Thornton. She will now get to learn more techniques, so she can be as creative as her Uncle Blake was.
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